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Verde Restaurant New York

In Cobble Hill, a beautiful hill in Brooklyn, is where Verde restaurant is located, created in 2009 by Cono Morena where the main idea is to bring to both the citizens of the city and the tourists the best food from Northern Italy. In this restaurant, the lovers of good food will be able to enjoy the flavour of the best organic ingredients that are used in each of every dishes that the chef prepare.


But in Verde, what they do is not only prepare traditional food from Northern Italy but also give it an innovative twist so that its clients can be surprised by the dishes.


All of this is accompanied by a great wine list that aren´t only original from this American city but also from the best cellars in the world in order to fully enjoy the dishes. There are red wines that go from $28 to $120, whites from $32 to $42 and sparkling ones from $30 to $60.


If you want to eat some exquisite Italian dishes, the best thing you can do is rent apartments in New york and, as well as enjoying Verde, also get to know the most important city in the United States.