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Ristorante Cantina Canaletto Venice

Italy is known for, above all, being one of the countries in the world with the most diversity when it comes to choosing where to eat. The importance given to food in this European country is enormous and, for that, many restaurants are exceptional. Cantina Canaletto, which is located in the city of Venice, is a place that is a few steps away from the famous San Marco Square, and it was created with the intention of preparing food through different forms of innovation.

At the place there are all types of dishes and you can eat pasta, fish, meat and even seafood. All of this is supervised by the chef who makes sure that they´re prepared as they should be to be able to ensure the continuity of the flavours that are enjoyed daily by hundreds of people in Cantina Canaletto.

But, as well as considerably innovating the place, they present the classic Italian dishes that have been part of its culture for years. For this reason you´ll be able to order delicious pizzas, pasta, cheeses and, everything, accompanied by a large variety of wine that comes from the best cellars in Italy.

For this reason, if you´re in the city and want to visit a splendid place, you can choose to rent apartments in Venice and enjoy Cantina Canaletto.