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Hammam della Rosa Milan

Milan is a city which is famous around the world, known, among many other things, as one of the tourist centres for all fashion lovers. Aside from that, there are museums, parks, natural beauties and, if you want to go shopping, this is probably your place. But, as well as all of that, it´s also a special place to relax and forget about all your everyday life problems.


If the reason why you went to the Italian city is the latter, one of the best places is undoubtedly Hammam della Rosa, which is an authentic hammam, also known as Arabic or Turkish bath. This type of bath is a way which they use steam to clean the body and relax.


The hammam had a very important place in different Middle Eastern cultures throughout history. It´s used as a place to meet, a hygiene ritual in places which are built with a special architecture. Hammam della Rosa is in a comfortable place to get to in Milan so it will be simple to reach it.


If you want to visit this hammam, as well as getting to know one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world, you just have to rent apartments in Milan