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Elysean Theatre Rome


The Elysean Theatre is one of the most attractive places in Rome to enjoy a high class show. Located in the centric via Nazionale, it used to be an open air theatre in its beginnings, which evolved until 1910 when the actual building was built.

Its hall has been a witness to different drama and operetta performing expressions. The post-war was inaugurated with film, and it was Luchino Visconti who made memorable premieres of his films there. Much history and many artists passed through his theatre which has gathered great cultural events in Rome.

These days the Elysean Theatre has recuperated the shine that it had in its beginnings with the presence of great theatre directors and premieres, as well as other activities that it carries out to maintain the interest in performing active, activities such as the Children´s Theatre School.

Tickets cost around 11 and 35 euros depending on the area of the theatre, and it´s open from Tuesday to Sunday from 4pm until 8.45pm. We recommend that you check out the programme and book your tickets in good time.

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