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Valle Theatre Rome

Part of Italy´s and, in particular, Rome´s, cultural and artistic heritage, Valle Theatre saw the light in 1726, ordered to build by the Marques Capranica del Grillo to the architect Tomasso Morelli.


Its first play took place in 1927 and it consecrated itself quickly in the repertoires of prose, building its status up until it reached a prominent place in Rome´s theatre circuit.

In 1821 a complete restructuring of the theatre took place under the direction of Giuseppe Valadier. With it, the space of the theatre was increased and big changes were made which gave the building refinement and sophistication. Among these changes, the most relevant one was the paintings and engravings introduced by Valadier which caused critics and controversy.


Finally, in 1969, the ETI Italian Theatre took charge of the management and programme of the Valle Theatre, transforming it into a place for cultural and artistic promotion par excellence.


Its abundant programme presents a wide and interesting range of the development of performing arts in Italy, gathering the best performers every weekend.


If theatre is one of your passions and you´re spending some intense and dreamy days in apartments in Rome you can´t miss out on your visit with the best drama in Valle Theatre, and also appreciate its interesting construction, considered as part of the city´s architectonic heritage.