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En Roma

Rome is one of the richest cities in the world when it comes to history. There, some of the most important events took place, and it´s full of museums, monuments, streets and passages that have plenty of anecdotes. For this reason, if you thought of visiting the place, the best thing you can do is go to a tour company with expert people who are in charge of transmitting all that knowledge.

One of those companies is En Roma, which is managed by specialists who prepared itineraries with the most important places to visit. Through these tours you´ll be able to get to know the city, its atmosphere, its history, its art and everything related to it with people who are not only experts in these subjects but who also live there.

Seeing The Vatican, the Seven Churches, medieval Rome and even a literary tour, among many other things, can be done without any problems thanks to the people at En Roma.

All of those who want to get to know the Italian city in depth, should rent apartments in Rome and enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the world by the hand of expert guides.