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Jan Fabre, famous for Bic art, in Vienna

If you´re in Vienna, or you were thinking of going in the next few months, you´ll find at the Kunsthistorisches art museum, until the 28th of august, a series by multi-disciplinarian Belgium artist Jan Fabre called “The Hour of Blue.”

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Jan Fabre (1958, Antwerp, Belgium) is a playwright, theatre director, choreographer, designer, and visual artist. He studied at the Municipal Institute of Decorative Arts and the Royal Academy of Arts. He wrote his first theatre pieces between 1976 and 1980, and in 1986 founded his first theatre company, Troubleyn/Jan Fabre.

Fabre is famous for his “Bic” art, and in 1990 he completely decked out the Tivoli castle in Mechelen with drawings of pen on tissue paper. “The Hour of Blue” is a series composed of three dimensional objects, and drawings made using blue Bic pens. All the pieces in the series were completed between 1986 and 1990.

An interesting thing about the show is that it will be alongside the permanent collection at the Kunsthistorisches Museum. So classical works will be sitting amongst Fabre´s contemporary objects and drawings, and sharing the same space. Also on display in the Hall of the museum entrance, will be some of Fabre´s bronze sculpture work.

But that´s not all – because over the same time (12th July – 14th August), there will also be international festival of dance, Impulstanz. It´s a festival, for which, during five weeks, dancers, choreographers, professors and performers from all around the world congregate in Vienna. Performances, workshops, investigation and more – and since Jan Fabre is a multi-disciplinarian artist, he has also gotten involved, in association with the Kunsthistorisches Museum, which will be acting as the base of the festival. He will be presenting some his performance pieces as part of the festival programme, including “Preparatio Mortis” (performed with his company Troubelyn/Jan Fabre), and also revisiting the famous “Ilad of the Bic art” (1981) and “The Rea(dy) makes of the Performance Money”(1979).

There also the usual array of cafes hosting live music (they say that Mozart played at the Frauenhuber cafe). You can also visit Sigmund Freud´s house – discover the Vienna of Irving, with “The World According to Garp” or “The New Hampshire Hotel.” The opportunity however to discover Bic art and the Imulstanz festival however is a pretty unique one.

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An ideal couple of months for relaxing in your apartments in Vienna Jan Fabre at the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Vienna Impulstanz International Festival of Dance.

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