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Existrans Paris

Even though Existrans (the word is the mix of Existing and Transsexual) informs and moves around the net, like everything else these days, the collective of French transsexuals organizes every early October (normally the first weekend of the month) a march which leaves the Place de la Bastille to claim for their rights.


Although every year the motto is different and there´s always some bothering rule, law or norm, the members of the march carry it out in a ludic way with a great sense of aesthetics, theatre and performance.


And so, traveller, if you´re around Paris at the beginning of October, even though you don´t relate personally with this collective, it would be a good idea to know about the route of the march and so get to know this reality which, despite being very common, sometimes goes unnoticed.


There are travellers who recommend visiting the City of Light in spring, but in autumn the city is great. It´s a whole new experience to leave your apartments in Paris to go and walk in its streets, its avenues which are full of exquisite shops, stop for a coffee and soak in that ludic and artistic atmosphere, Existrans included, which rubs off this wonderful city.


We want to know your opinion if you bumped into this march or you´ve prepared your trip to Paris simply to join it, we´d like you to give us your generous comment.