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Family taxi service in New York

If you´re travelling to the Big Apple you have to, of course, book a lot of things: from your flights to your apartments in New York but it´s also advisable to book a rental taxi or car service which takes you from the airport (or from the location that you choose) to your accommodation in this huge city.

Family in New York is one of those American company services which surprise you for their surprising quality and well doing. Let´s start with the best: they speak and write perfect Spanish; and also, they not only have an e-mail (I´ll leave it here on the side) to communicate with you but they also have a freephone which you can call at no cost, even from Spain. This is to be grateful for. Also, on their webpage, they detail all their prices and services according to the range of vehicle that is going to be used. They have from sedans to splendid limousines to move around the Big Apple like the capos in films. The tariffs vary according to the booked amount: return to the airport, tours around New York, and even day trips to close-by cities, although this is probably the least important due to the cultural magnitude of this city.