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Yellow Cab New York

This company, which has the name of the legendary cabs painted in striking yellow that everyone knows from the films, is a clear example of the success and insertion in the Web 2.0. No fix online showcase website. They have a blog with all the feedback from the users which is on fire, and it´s nothing strange because of the unsurpassable service that they offer. In the first place, you can calculate the fare in advance and book your taxi online, a great service for the preventive traveller. Also, they have an exclusive address for lost objects. You insert what you´ve lost and they tell you if they´ve found it. It´s a strange thing because, on the ordinary e-mail, they ask you please not to collapse the inbox with these demands… so many things are left behind by busy travellers and locals in these taxis?


The advice is simple: when you´re preparing your visit to this colossal city, have already booked your apartments in New York especially good if it has good views, and then you can calculate and book online the services of yellow cabs with the programme available to the user. If you fancy it, when you finish everything, don´t forget to add your feedback.