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In this section, we will explain how the “Features” page of your Extranet works as well as how to complete each section. Remember, if you have any questions; feel free to contact us at property@onlyapartments.com.

How do I fill out the “Layout” section?

You must check one of two options. By doing so, we know whether your bedroom is a single room, studio apartment, or a property with a multiple atmosphere. This is relevant to many customers traveling in a group or family, to know if will be able to enjoy their own space within the apartment or whether they should share it.

How that you may have, according to the number of clients you have indicated.

How do I complete the “Beds” section?

First you must indicate how many bedrooms your accommodation has available. For each room you can edit the number of beds, as well as bed type, and the system will automatically display the total number of people that can stay on your property.

Then you can edit the number of rooms or living rooms that include beds for sleeping. This may interest clients traveling in groups or families, to have an idea whether they will be able to sleep in separate rooms. Here, you can also edit the number of beds as well as bed type for each room.

How do I fill out the “Kitchen” and “Bathrooms” section?

Some clients solely choose this accommodation type, among other things, to have the option to cook. Therefore, be sure to indicate the type of kitchen that your apartment disposing of, because this might be very important to your potential clients. Also, indicate the number of bathrooms available as well as type of bathroom.

How do I fill out the “Surface area” section?

In the box displayed you must indicate the total area in m2 or ft2 of your accommodation. Whether you will indicate the size of your apartment in m2 or ft2 depends solely on what you have marked in the “General Information” section. You can also indicate the total area in m2 or ft2 of your terrace or garden, that is of course if your property disposes of one of the two. This information can also be very relevant to your clients.

We consider a “terrace” an outdoor area of more than 5 m2 or 54 ft2, and “garden” a landscaped outdoor area exceeding 5 m2 or 54 ft2.

The total area of any apartment will always be displayed in m2 on our website.