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Multimedia – multiple properties

In this post we will explain how the “Multimedia” screen on your Extranet works in case your are uploading a multiple property and how to fill out each of the sections. Remember that if you any questions please write us at property@only-apartments.com.

How do photo uploads work?

By clicking on “Add Photos ” you will open a screen which will allow you to selected from existing photos stores on your computer. Images must be in jpeg., gif., or png., and have a minimum dimension of 640×480 pixels. You can choose to upload several at a time and they will be displayed on top. You will be able to order them later.

Once uploaded, you can choose which room in your apartment belongs to which (living room, kitchen , bathroom, Room 1 , Room 2, etc.), and edit or delete them using the two icons located below each photo. Once you have uploaded your photos, you will have to drag them down to be visible online. You can order them according to the acoommodation they belong to and you can choose which pictures you want to be displayed as covers of each of the apartments (remember that this is the only picture that clients see when they are looking at the search results). Click “Save”.

Remember that photos are one of the elements that are most appealing to clients and a key factor to obtaining reservations. A better quality and quantity of image will most likely lead to more reservations.

Why do I have to upload a floor plan and how do I do it?

The floor plan helps clients to get an idea of the size and distribution of the property and is another element that can factor in on their decision making process. You can upload a floor plan for each of the apartments that you have.

The floor plan can be hand-drawn or professionally made, but it is very important that you specify the distribution and location of main facilities such as (beds, kitchen, shower, etc.), doors, windows, balconies and terraces. To upload, click “Add Files” and select the photos saved onto your computer. If you prefer, you can fax it over to +34 933 969 190, but be sure to indicate the reference number of your apartment or your username.

If you do not dispose of a floor plan don’t worry, we’ll take care of providing one for you based on the photos and descriptions you have provided, free of charge.