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Feng Sushi London

The gastronomical offering in London, clichés aside, is overwhelming. You can find all types of restaurants, the most diverse and exotic cuisines from around the world can be found here. There´s no need to say that the Japanese culinary tradition, for its freshness, exquisiteness and softness, is imposing itself in the whole of the Western world. Sushi has entered our lives and it seems that it´s here to stay. Well, in London, the company Feng Sushi has seven stores open around the city, The best thing to do is to access their website and search for the address of the one which is closest to the apartments in London that you´ve managed to book. You can make an online order to pick up at the restaurant to sample there or for home delivery.


But what we´d like to point out here is the exclusive catering that Feng Sushi offers. By making the order in good time (a day is enough), they can bring a Japanese chef to your provisional home in London and he can prepare delicious sushi recipes right there and then. A total luxury, because these types of dishes, the fresher they are, the more delicious they taste. On the online website (with a feedback section which is on fire, which is no wonder), they describe their options and prices.