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Sushi Restaurants in Paris

Walking through Paris in the summer is an unforgettable pleasure. Sunlight filters through homes, buildings and streets while a light breeze freshens a pleasant summer without a lot of humidity. And one cannot help but marvel at the beauty of the Parisian streets, their history, and the old bricks of which they’re composed. Paris is kind of like a giant museum; in each of the city’s locations there’s a story or stories centered on this important city. In Paris you can find everything you’re looking for, including entertainment, culture and art. Despite being a somewhat expensive city, you can find extremely cheap and good options in the beautiful French capital. Of course, when it comes to eating, you’ll find just about every kind of international cuisine in Paris. If you enjoy eating sushi, here´s a short list of the most interesting restaurants in the city where you can enjoy this Japanese specialty.


Sushi Wasabi: At this extremely affordable venue, you can eat delicious sushi, maki, and maki futo, among other dishes. Of course, they also have delicious miso and refreshing drinks. You can pick up sushi to take home as well.

Yen: This Japanese restaurant has a minimalist, unique style and is a favorite of both Parisians and Japanese residents. It is very popular for its delicious soba (Japanese noodles) and its tasty tempura.

Toyo: In this restaurant you will find not only delicious sushi of all types, but they specialize in offering a variety of dishes that are a fusion of Japanese cuisine and French cuisine.

Taeko: Located in the old Marché des Enfants Rouges, at Taeko you’ll find sushi and sashimi as well as salmon-based appetizers and hot dishes based on different soy sauces. And of course, they also have a take-out menu.

Planet Sushi: This restaurant chain has many locations in Paris. If you want good food, fast service and a place to enjoy original pieces of sushi at affordable prices, Planet Sushi is for you.

Benkay: Here you will find quality sushi quality but the real reason to go here is to enjoy the views of the Seine while you eat. While the prices are rather high for its location, it is worth the investment if you’re going out for a romantic meal.

Foujita: This is probably one of the best sushi bars in Paris. Here, sushi, tempura and sashimi are all very fresh. With affordable prices and warm and friendly service, you should know this restaurant.

You have a variety of options when dining in Paris. There’s no international dish you won’t be able find in the French capital this summer. 

Rent apartments in Paris and discover the best Japanese restaurants for sushi as well as other typical delicacies. Paris is one of the most delicious cities in the world, where you´re sure to delight your taste buds.