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Market and Culture in Vic

When we travel to a city to visit it, we don´t have to always stay in it. It´s also good to find alternatives for a day trip and see the locations outside the metropolis. If we travel to Barcelona, a good alternative for that is the town of Vic, some 40 miles from Barcelona.


Vic is famous, partly, for its market, which has been taking place in the Town Square since the 9th century. In this market we can find all sorts of local products to eat, such as the famous fuet from Vic, a spicy sausage, as well as flowers, clothes and animals. Gastronomy in Vic is based on pork and its derivates and it´s a delicacy of the region of Osona, of which Vic is the capital. There are many restaurants around the square and around the town, so it´s a great idea to eat in one of them.


The Vic Cathedral, of the 16th century, is also an important landmark and the Museu Episcopal is a museum with the best Romanesque and Gothic sculptures and paintings in the world. We can also see a Roman temple of the 2nd century, which makes us realise that this town has a lot of history.


Rent apartments in Barcelona and visit the town of Vic, where its great market and its historical buildings and museums will allow you to have a great day!