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Florence Marathon

Florence is so well known that it doesn´t even need an introduction. An unmissable destination for art loves (especially Renaissance art), the city of the Arno programmes, along the year, quite a few events related with artistic production. To its good museums, they add the offering of temporary exhibitions, fairs, meetings and conferences. And if that wasn´t enough, Florence is also a great city to go shopping, both fashion shopping and antiques or precious objects.


But, what the distracted traveller might not know is that the capital of Tuscany celebrates a singular and special marathon at the end of November, and that this sporting event has been taking place for over three decades. There´s really no point in saying that this competition can be yet another excellent excuse to visit this wonderful city, because the route of this long resistance race includes the most photographed scenes of the unique city of Florence.


And now, sportsmen and women have a good excuse to visit the beautiful city of the Arno. Fitness trainers recommend arriving to the city of the event quite a few days prior to it to train ´in situ´ and get used to its surroundings little by little. The best option is to book one of the excellent apartments in Florence where you´ll be able to restore energy and relax. May the best man and woman win!