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San Lorenzo Market

San Lorenzo Market is another of the famous markets in the city of Florence, which offers the tourist the opportunity to see many products and brands in the same place and at an excellent price.


Although it´s closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, the rest of the week it concentrates everyone´s whole attention, because it´s a city classic. Not only do tourists go there to buy souvenirs or compare prices but also the people of Florence go and do their everyday shopping there.


It´s in the centre of the city, a few minutes away from the famous Duomo of Florence. San Lorenzo market located itself in the Piazza San Lorenzo, next to the church with the same name. And when one is there seeing the city, they can go to poke around what is being sold in the famous market of the Italian city.


Because Florence is the textile capital of Italy, there you can find excellent quality garments at a really low price. So don´t miss out on visiting this market if you´re in the city.


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