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Flotarium Barcelona

In the last few years, health and integral care have become one of the main worries in our life. Spas, saunas, alternative body centres, etc. are a precious commodity.


Flotarium, the first anti-stress centre of zero gravity, is one of those fantastic places which brings health to body and mind.


With two centres in Barcelona, it offers a new concept of beauty and health through living the experience of going back to the maternal uterus. The Flotarium, a type of futuristic bath, is an isolated capsule of just over 8ft x 6ft which contains a solution of water of 132 gallons mixed with 47 stones of magnesium sulphate. This allows the body to flote and achieve a state of total relaxation. Also, they isolate you from everything; sound, light, movement and also touch, because the water is at the same temperature as the body.


This helps the decrease of stress, fatigue, cardiac rhythm, breathing rhythm and the characteristics of depression, as well as pains such as arthritis, migraines and asthma.


The opening hours are from Monday to Sunday, including holidays, from 10am to 10pm and the prices are 35 euros or one session and 90 for the three sessions.


So, now you know, if you´re spending a nice few days in apartments in Barcelona and you want to treat yourself, don´t hesitate and come to Flotarium.