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Food Markets: A Festival of Smells and Colors



La Boqueria, Barcelona (Spain)

Cooks, of course, know a lot about good food. That’s why it’s not surprising that La Boqueria is a meeting spot for food professionals from all over Barcelona. One can find every imaginable ingredient there for making just about any recipe or to expand one’s menu to include the freshest and highest quality goods.

But La Boqueria is not only a mecca for chefs, it’s also and above all a feast for the eyes. It’s an explosion of colors, with a large variety of stalls selling fruit, vegetables and sweets that will impress you at first sight. It’s just about impossible to resist taking an artistic-style photo to proudly post on your Facebook wall.

Mercado de San Pedro, Cusco (Peru)

If La Boqueria is the market of colors, the market in San Pedro is known for its smells. Exploring its aisles is difficult for those with sensitive noses. The sensations that assault your nose can be overwhelming. Oregano, fish, rosewood, cilantro, rosemary… intense aromas that accompany a very authentic experience, from women offering juices up above to a plate of typical ceviche at affordable prices down below. Dining here is an adventure that every good traveler should undertake.

Borough Market, London (England)

It is said to be the oldest food market in London, with over 1,000 years of history. The specialties are the gourmet food and deli, so if you’re looking to buy something get your wallet ready. If we’re talking about variety, however, there’s no doubt that this is the right place. From a wide range of beers, wines and international coffees to the best selection of fresh produce, at the Borough Market you can give tickle your palate in a more exclusive atmosphere than the other markets on the list.

Spice Bazaar, Istanbul (Turkey)

Although it’s not known for its size (it’s just two streets at right angles), the succulent offerings of food and condiments places this bazaar on our list. As the name suggests, their specialty is spices, and you can discover all types and colors. There’s also a selection of Turkish sweets and nuts.