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Mercado de la Boquería

The city of Barcelona has a special charm because of its old history, modern architecture, the art that you can breathe in the streets, but also for its food and it´s in the Mercado de la Boquería where one can enjoy the city in its essence: trying the different fruits and vegetables of the season, buying the necessary herbs to cook that night and discovering never-ending flavours and aromas which you won´t ever forget.


La Boquería is situated on Rambla 91, and it offers thousands of stalls which are specialized in a different branch of gastronomy. For example, there are the stalls for poultry, game, eggs, legumes and cereals and the olives and preserved food, to name some.


But La Boquería is not only a food market but it´s also a meeting place for all Spanish people because inside they feel like at home because the smells go back to their childhood and the colours and flavours are so delicious that they go back time and time again. And the same happens with the tourists that have an obliged visit to La Boquería when they visit Barcelona.


The market of La Boquería is an open space open to the whole community that invites everyone who passes through the city to go and visit it. For this you only have to rent apartments in Barcelona and just eat and feel dishes and exquisite products.