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Camden Market

Camden Market is a tourist attraction in the city of London but not only tourists go there but also, on weekends, Londoners go there to to shop, walk and buy nice things to eat or to decorate the house.


This market is in Camden Town or Camden Lock and what they sell there is varied and can´t catalogue itself as a style. There´s food, especially divided in nationalities, and this way we can find Argentinian food, with their typical “empanadas” and “choripanes”; Mexican food with “tacos” and many others.


Every weekend the market is visited by over 100 thousand people and that makes it into a tourist attraction which is a lot of fun where we can find people from around the world.


The day of major activity in Camden Market is Sunday, but the merchants who have fixed stalls open all week and Saturdays are becoming strong working days.


What we find to buy as well as food is exotic clothes, souvenirs of the city, crafts and all types of curiosities.


If you´re in the city because you rented apartments in London visit this market because it will be a beautiful walk.