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Friendly Fires in Concert in Barcelona

What happened to the true indie scene? Many people are asking themselves this question every day after finding that the current music market has become increasingly restricted and industrialized. At a crucial moment, the “indie” scene has changed into a closed industry with short parameters and as little ambition as possible.

freindly fires

Pitchfork is now the web page that defines the interest of thousands of teenagers and young “alternative” people throughout the world. If Pitchfork is in line with your approach to music, chances are you have had access to the well-established indie media. InSpain, the magazine and website Rockdelux continues to be an inevitable reference for finding out what music is “in” and what is “out”. Many more magazines that hold the office of spokesperson for “alternative rock” include The Deli, Prefix, Under the Radar, among others.

Indie rock today is not the same as it used to be. Twenty years ago, when alternative rock was fresh, when the war between corporate rock still alive, and when it was not something for the masses, there weren’t any resources to share music and knowledge like we have today. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr – all of these tools that any internet user has available are also used by large music corporations. The intersection of these means of dissemination generates what seems like a conflict within the center of independent music: honesty, talent, rebellion. These are all becoming more and more distant. Apparently, the use of social networks only makes independent music that much more a product of the internet, which is then interspersed with “mainstream” music and then doesn’t have enough distance to be strong. Indie Rock has itself become an industry, closed at its own parameters, with an audience that has confined itself to poor quality music that is repetitive and without great aspirations in the belief that they are maintaining a certain freedom. The future of “indie” music remains uncertain, despite the fact that albums are being released and new bands are appearing.

Friendly Fires is another band that sounds like all the bands of this era. If you like music that is melodic, captivating, sophisticated and incredibly superficial, you’ll want to see them play on June 14 as part of the Sónar festival inBarcelona. Music that is both modern and for hipsters, Friendly Fires’ music will distract you for half an hour with their “friendly” sound. Just don’t wake up afterwards and come away from it with the general apathy and reluctance of a generation most concerned about getting a better mobile phone. For more information on Friendly Fires, you can visit their official website: http://www.wearefriendlyfires.com/


Enjoy apartments in Barcelona during the Sónar festival. It´s just one more reason to discover the beautiful capital of Catalonia this summer. Barcelona has lots to offer, including live music, culture, and nightlife.