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The Vaccines in New York

When we talk about independent music, New York is probably one of the places that first comes to mind. With a tradition in underground or independent music that has been ongoing for over forty years, New York is the centre of attention of international indie rock. In New York, they know a lot about music, and it´s the place from where punk and hip hop have had some of their biggest representatives. In the same way, in New York you can find a knowledgeable musical crowd that´s dedicated to contemporary, minimalistic and experimental music. Not only is it popular music but the coming together of complex ways of making music, with urban styles and new musical interpretations of classics of soul, jazz, R&B, etc. That´s why the musical experience is totally enriching in New York for spectators and musicians alike.



In New York, there are concerts 365 days a year. You just have to check magazines like Village Voice or the popular Brooklyn Vegan to find which music is being played around all the corners of the Big Apple. Among the organizing committees for important musical events in New York is Bowery Presents. They´re the owners of the Bowery Ballroom in the Bowery area, as well as the Williamsburg Music Hall in Brooklyn, two very popular places. These will be the venues for the concert of the famous The Vaccines, who will be playing live on the 10th of September (Bowery Ballroom) and on the 11th (Willamsburg Music Hall). Both venues are similar, being old ball rooms that have been renovated to hold the best international bands in a warm atmosphere with a great sound.

The Vaccines don´t need any introduction. With their fashionable indie sound, they´re a band of which there has been much talk of since their foundation in 2010. With songs such as Post break-up sex, If You Wanna, All In White and No Hope, they´re one of the biggest hits on the radio and the social networks. The formula of these guys comes from the joy of new wave, with that new rock twist from The Killers or Arctic Monkeys. It´s as if The Vaccines took the best of The Strokes and gave it a slight English touch. Their acclaimed album What did you expect from The Vaccines confirms it. This time, they´re promoting their second album called Come of Age, which will be released in September of this year. If you´re looking to have fun with some fresh rock, these concerts of The Vaccines are for you. For more information, visit the official website here:  http://www.thevaccines.co.uk/


Get apartments in New York and discover its intense nightlife and different concert venues. New York is perhaps the city with the biggest musical tradition and music genres in the world. Don´t miss out on the chance to enjoy a good concert when you go there.