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Netkellner Vienna

Travellers already know (and if you don´t know, here it is) that in this guide we strive daily to offer directions to all those establishments and services that can make their stay in our favourite cities a lot more pleasant. So, if you´ve just arrived in the Austrian capital, you´ve taken up your provisional accommodation in one of those apartments in Vienna that are available for short stays, and you feel invaded by tiredness, don´t worry, here is the solution.


There´s no need for you to start cooking or to go out and find a food store, you just have to access the website that´s here on the right-hand side and with a couple of clicks you have all the restaurants that offer home delivery service in Vienna.


The difficult part will be choosing from all the offer because the variety is breathtaking: from the exotic Thai, Japanese or Indian restaurants to Austrian cuisine restaurants as well as the popular Italian ones. You can make your order directly through the website, paying with Paypal or Visa, or by phone to the chosen restaurant.