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General Grant National Memorial

The General Grant National Memorial or “Grant´s Grave” like it´s known informally, is a monument of the city of New York, built in the honour of the great General Grant, who was the President of the United States and who died suddenly in 1885.


The family of the late President Ulysses S. Grant decided to create a commemorative grave in the city, and it´s located in the Morningside Heights district.


The mausoleum rests at the shores of the Hudson River and walking through that park is a beautiful plan to spend a relaxed afternoon in the open air, in an interesting city full of history and art.


Grant´s Grave isn´t just a mausoleum, but also a monument, a National Memorial to the life and work of this general of the United States of America.


This monument is the biggest grave in North American and that´s why thousands of tourists come to see it. The architect that designed it was John Duncan and the work finished in 1897.


Rent apartments in New york and don´t miss out on visiting this incredible mausoleum of General Grant. It will be a walk you´ll always remember.