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Grand Army Plaza

Grand Army Plaza is an area in Central Park, just at the entrance, where there´s a monument that honours the work of General William Tacumseh Sherman. The authour of this sculpture was Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who died not long after he finished it.


The monument was inaugurated in 1903 and since then it´s become a tourist attractive. Thousands of foreigners from around the world come there to take a picture with such a beautiful monument and work of art at the same time.


The general finds himself on a horse in the monument accompanied by a beautiful dame. She is Nike, the goddess of victory, that has a palm leaf in her hand that represents peace. The attitude of this woman is truly impacting and everyone likes to see it.


There´s a plaque on the monument that says to who the memorial is dedicated and the date of his birth and death.


If you find yourself in the city, you can´t not visit Central Park and take a photo with this monument, so famous around the world. If you rent apartments in New york you´ll be close to any tourist spot that you want to visit.