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Giannini Giulio

When one visits another country they want to (and have to) take back home a special souvenir from that country or city that they visited and liked so much. That´s why, in Florence, you can find the best gift to take back home in the paper shop Giannini Giulio & Figlio.


Founded in 1811 in Piazza Pitti, this small shop that only sold paper became a city classic, an icon that tourists love to visit for its age, its products and its history.


The shop sells all sorts of products made or decorated with paper. The papers are of the best quality and they´re very diverse. There are handmade ones or prefrabricated ones, but all of them have a special distinction and the groups of notebooks, notepads, almanacs and agendas that they make in Giannini Giulio & Figlio are wonderful.


Everyone who visits Florence should stop by this shop to buy a souvenir of this city or to buy a nice present to take back home. They will surely find a unique handmade product that they will love.


If you want to see this and other classic shops in the city, rent apartments in Florence and enjoy the city, its products and its shops.