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Mercato Nuovo

In the city of Florence you can find the Mercato Nuovo (New Market), where one can find everything that he´s looking for to buy. It´s called like this to differentiate it with the Mercato Vecchio (Old Market) which doesn´t exist anymore and which was situated where there´s now the famous Piazza della Repubblica.


But although its name says no, the market isn´t as new as it appears. It was built in the 16th century in the centre of the city to sell silk and other beautiful fabrics from passed centuries.


Today the goods that are sold are very different to those of past times but the market is equally as popular and visited. There isn´t a tourist that doesn´t go there. It´s also very close to the Ponte Vecchio so it´s a must see for everyone.


What it currently sells are leather-based products and all types of souvenirs of the city.


That´s why it´s the best place to go and shop but also to appreciate architectonic works from past centuries, art works such as sculptures and statues that are in the square.


If you rented apartments in Florence and you´re in the city, don´t miss this market because you will surely find a lovely present to take home when you go back from your holiday.