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Gibralfaro Castle

Estar en la ciudad española y no visitar este Castillo de Gibralfaro, sin dudas será algo de lo que te arrepentirás.


Gibralfaro Castle is a very busy tourist attraction of the city of Málaga. Previously, it was a fortress that was used to protect the city from the catholic attacks in the 15th century.


It has its name because, in the 15th century, it was built on a location where there was a lighthouse that gave its name first to the mountain and later to the castle: “Gibralfaro”.


Today it works as a tourist interest point. You can go inside and see it´s different areas and read some information about how it worked in the old days.


From the Castle, which is located on a hill, you can see the city of Málaga and the view is truly beautiful, and that´s why it´s recommendable to visit this fortress of Gibralfaro. What you can also see from there and various mountains in Africa (the Rif range) and the famous Gibraltar strait.


For that we recommend that you rent apartments in Málaga and see the city, all of its monuments, castles and, why not, bars and restaurants.