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The Doors

One of the reasons why Amsterdam is known around the world is for its policy relating to marihuana, which is legal and you can consume it inside what they call coffee shops. There are dozens of these places in the city, that are busy with locals and tourists who visit the place, with the intention of seeing them or consuming this drug.


One of the most famous ones in Amsterdam is The Doors. The reason behind that is because one of the owners of the place is incredibly friendly and will know what to recommend to all its clients.


Actually, many coffee shops in the city are served by staff that don´t have a very good vibe and don´t treat their clients well, above all when they don´t know about the subject. This won´t happen in The Doors because it´s the exact opposite there. Here both the owner as its staff will recommend what´s necessary so that you have a good time relaxing.


For this reason, if you want to get to know part of the Dutch culture, you can visit The Doors and have a good time with friends or your partner. You can rent apartments in Amsterdam