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Hedwig and the Angry Inch Channels the Ghost of Glam Rock: PART 2

We talked in an earlier article on the cult phenomenon inspired by the musical and the movie “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, similar in some respects to the fan movement that sprang up around “Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Hedwig Musical

In both cases the impact of the film was such that shortly after its premiere, fan clubs that regularly projected the film and sang while dressed as glamorously as their favourite characters got together. In the case of Hedwig, diehard fans of the film are called “Hedheads”, a nickname probably related to Hedwig´s huge blonde wig … In effect, during the film Hedwig´s fans appear at her concerts are with huge yellow polystyrene wigs as they pay tribute to Hedwig. Hedwig´s own name could have been chosen as a play on words, as “head wig ” literally means “wig “.

At the Hedwig parties that happen worldwide, it is customary to project the film and dance and sing to the popular songs in the room, both during the projection as well as in some kind of karaoke later. There are usually hundreds of colourful gummy bears, like those in an important scene from the movie … Overall Hedwig parties are fun events, very frantic and crazy, which revive the glam spirit of this playful and transgressive movie.

In Barcelona there are places that occasionally organize screenings of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” especially in alternative venues such as the Scorpion´s Nest http://www.nidodelescorpion.com, a basement of Raval in the recently held a full-fledged Hedwig party, complete with a screening of the film, good music, many costumes and a truly memorable performance by Lady Pain. No date has been set for the next screening of the film, but we encourage you to be prepared: rent apartments in Barcelona and gets a huge gold wig and get ready to party!