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Sitges 2010: A festival to commemorate Stanley Kubrick

Sitges is one of the most important film festivals in Spain and the new official poster pays tribute to the  “Shining”, a film directed by Stanley Kubrick 30 years ago and starring Jack Nicholson, and probably one of the most famous horror movies in film history. But the homage doesn’t end here. The festival will also pay tribute to “Back to the Future” by Robert Yemeckis and “Psycho”, the world’s most famous film by Hitchcock.

Up to date the collaborating directors, actors and producers are still yet to be confirmed, but the list of the movies that are going to be shown at the festival have already been published: “Outrage”, Takeshi Kitano`s comeback to yakuza film (Japanese mafia) and “A Serbian film” a gory movie that is surely going to surprise the viewers.

One of the things that was most relevant for the organisation of Sitges this year was the incorporation of films from new countries. That’s why this year we will be able to see movies such as “Somos lo que hay” by Mexican filmmaker Jorgen Michel Gray, and “La casa muda” by Uruguayan director Gustavo Hernández, and the Turkish film “Kosmos”, just to name a few.

One of the most anticipated films is “Uncle Boonmee Who can´t  Recall His Past Lives” from Weerasethakul, which has never been shown in Spain before. And Guillem Morales, Belén Rueda and Lluís Homar  will present “Los ojos de Julia”, and Eugenio Mira will show his film “Agnosia” starring big actors like as Eduardo Noriega, Bàrbara Goenaga and Sergi Mateu.

This is only a small part of the Sitges film program this year,  that will be shown from the 7th until the 17th of October. If you want to attend to this fabulous festival, rent apartments in Barcelona and enjoy.