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Helga de Alvear Madrid

If you are not only a passionate traveler, but also love art and are fortunate enough to afford to buy artwork, the Helga de Alvear Gallery in Madrid has art by renowned artists such as Santiago Sierra to mention a Spanish artist or Joseph Beuys.


The Helga de Alvear Gallery follows the same main idea with the avantgarde expressions that were initiated in Madrid by the legendary Galería Juana Mordó: To show an audience of experts and fans the latest of what the international artistic panorama has created. With more than 700 meters of clear exhibition space the gallery hosts exhibitions that include collaborations with contemporary international art centers borrowing their space.


It is a meeting point where artists encounter interested buyers, but furthermore it is like an authentic museum.

If you are not lucky enough to be able to acquire a piece to bring it back to your apartments in Madrid you can always visit this Madrilenian gallery and appreciate the art it displays for us. Consult its opening hours on the website.