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High-quality Images and the Handover of Keys: Two Key Factors Highly Valued by Travelers When Renting an Apartment



Today, we are going to answer all those questions here at Only-apartments. A survey conducted across the 5 main European markets (Spain, France, Italy, England, and Germany) has given us some insight into travelers’ trends.

And although there are slight differences between countries, something stands out that seems to be common to all:

What drives them to choose a certain apartment is the gallery of images. This is very logical, and comes as no surprise, as images are the best reference they can have short of visiting the apartment in person.

The meeting with the owner is what ratifies whether they made the right choice- with travelers looking for a simple, pleasant and cordial exchange, and the handover of keys taking place at the appointed time. People don’t want any stressful situations or having to chase someone down when they are on holidays, and they are grateful when the whole process unfolds with ease and friendliness.

These are just some of the conclusions we can draw from the results of our study. Have a look at the infographic below and analyze the answers, they’ll surely be worth your time.

See infographic