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The importance of having Internet in your apartment

Although it seems that vacations are meant to disconnect people from their current surroundings , the reality is that few people have this opportunity 100% of the time. Rather than simply wanting the  internet, many travelers, today, often NEED the internet during their vacations.

But what is “many travelers?”

Here you have the numbers. At Only-apartments, we have counted the number of clicks that are obtained through each filter on our website:


The result is respresented in the following graph and demonstrates the importance of having internet in your apartment. As you see, of all the clicks that we receive through filtering, 25% is responsible for internet. Therefore, if you do not have internet, it is very possible that your apartment is automatically disregarded.


Due to seasonality, terraces and air conditioning have also been highly sought after. This data has been taken from all the searches done in the months of March and April 2014, when travellers are searching for apartments for summer vacation.