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Hipster Route in Rome

We’ve all heard about the infamous hipsters at this point in the story. But what does it mean to be a hipster? The term was born in the US in the 30’s and 40’s, although the hipster generation is a more recent phenomenon that started gaining momentum circa 2010. In Rome, you’ll mostly encounter them in the areas of Rione Monti and Rione Testaccio.


Your average hipster wears buttoned-up shirts and All Star or Vans shoes. His face will proudly sport a moustache like that of a Sicilian man, a beard, tattoos and large-frame vintage glasses. And for her: skinny high-waisted jeans, vintage earrings and hot pants. Hipsters are almost always graduates with an interest in photography, art, skating, or cycling.


Where to find Rome’s hipsters?


Rione Monti

2 Periodico Café

2 Periodico Café is one of Rome’s hipster venues par excellence.

You’ll feel right at home here! In fact, there are vintage chairs, armchairs and tables arranged in true vintage style. There’s a space where you can read, eat, listen to music, have a chat with your friends, and even make your own coffee right in their kitchen!

The area of Rione Monti is well-preserved, with its oldest part dating back to the eighteenth century and with an archeological site. Some of the peculiarities of the area are its cobblestoned streets and its wonderful vintage markets.


The Trastevere Neighborhood

Speak Easy - The Jerry Thomas Project

Let’s journey on to Trastevere now, where you’ll find Fish Market, for high quality fish at its chicest. They serve fried fish at the bar, and our hipster friends just can’t get enough of it. Moreover, the area of Trastevere is known for being one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Rome. Its beautiful streets, the steps in the piazzas where groups of young people sit for a chat with their friends, its facades half-hidden by climbing plants and vines, the myriad love writings in the Roman dialect of its walls, its restaurants serving typical Roman cuisine… pure style and magic around every corner! All of which makes it the favorite neighborhood of artists, singers, and actors alike.

Speak Easy – by The Jerry Thomas Project is one of a kind. A stunning and yet homely venue with a marked hipster touch where, you’ll be asked for a password at the door! Though you only need to answer some questions on their website to get it.


The Pigneto Area

bar Necci

The home of the hipster. This is where you’ll find these vintage-style youths having a chat over a good drink with their friends. And for a truly Italian aperitif, they head down to bar Necci; known for being the backdrop to Pasaloni’s acclaimed movie, Accattone.

And for a cool craft brew, head over to bar Bembo- you’ll just love its peculiar style!


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