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Top 5 Hipster Bars in Barcelona

During the summer, people in Barcelona usually wear Ray ban Wayfarer sunglasses, as well as tight shorts, low-cut shirts and scarves on the neck.

If you’ve already felt identified with what you’ve read so far in this article, you should continue reading, because this information might interest you. Moreover, if you are on holiday in Barcelona and don’t want to go to the typical touristy bar where music of Paulina Rubio or Ricky Martin is played, don’t worry, here are the top 5 indie hip bars in Barcelona.

Maria Climent Only-apartments Author


Betty Ford

Right in the Raval district, you’ll find this corner for good drinkers, a place full of character, where you’ll hear good music and meet many locals with clothes from H & M (or even from those independent stores that have unique pieces designed by a young fashion designer, in a small but very cool store in Gracia or Born). There you’ll also enjoy delicious cocktails.

Calle Joaquín Costa, 56 Barcelona

Area: Raval


El Vinilo

A charming bar with a great atmosphere that seems to transgress the threshold of the 30´s. This isn’t a bar of crazy parties, it is a place to have a deep conversation or just listen to that music that makes you think “What is the name of his song that I´ve always wanted to hear?” At Vinilo, you’ll hear music of Jeff Burkley, Jack Johnson, Little Joy and thousands more (because if anyone understands music in this neighborhood are the owners of this bar); very intimate and caress music for your ears, which will bring you from a drink to another, while getting closer and closer to your partner. Be careful, because you won’t leave Vinilo without reveling your best-kept secret.

Street: Matilde nº2, in the proximity of la Plaça de la Vila

Neighborhood: Gràcia



Although relatively new (it has been opened no more that two years ago), is a benchmark bar in the Gracia district of Barcelona. And I´ll explain why: the bar is simple, not too loaded, but without being austere, it has modern decor-vintage, and a menu of gin tonics that you have never seen in your life. There are, without exaggeration, gin tonics for everyone. But the best, in my opinion, is the music: you can listen to Damien Jurado and Beach House and suddenly start to move your cucu at the pace of Vampire Weekend.

Planet 39 Barcelona

Neighborhood: Gràcia



A classic. Perhaps the most authentic in terms of modernity. An exquisite bar to drink and listen to all the classic songs of indie pop, plus some local artists that can only be heard here, as Mishima or Pau Vallvé, for example. Here you’ll find a great schedule of concerts and recitals, so it is better to buy your tickets in advance because the place is not that big.

Calle Ramon y Cajal

Neighborhood: Gràcia


El Sidecar

Maybe it isn’t the most authentic or the most modern but, it is the less mainstream. If you want to hear great music and party until the sun rises, El Sidecar is your place. Here you can listen the best hits of the moment and at 3 in the morning you can go to the downstairs disco and continue listening to great music. The bad thing: in winter, you might think that it is always too full, and in summer, as it is in the Plaza Reial, you’ll will find too many tourists.

Plaza Real, 7

Neighborhood: Gòtic