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Barcelona, City of Second-Hand Goods

Summer is over, the sales are over, and our savings have run out. But our consumerist vein keeps asking for more and more. It´s time to shop around the flea markets, one alternative to the usual trade that in addition to being economical is also useful in finding real bargains or unique pieces.

A growing interest in vintage or retro styles has popularized this type of market where one can find the button that fits perfectly with your shirt as well as the coffeepot from the ‘50s that you’ve always dreamed of. The offer is so wide and varied that even if you have no intention of buying anything, you can amuse yourself in the looking. But believe me, you’ll end up buying something. It is almost impossible to resist the temptation of these highly exclusive items and such affordable prices.

If there’s a city today that could be dubbed home of the flea market, it´s Barcelona. Whether it’s due to the city’s bohemian trends, hipster invasion or because the economic crisis, the truth is that the Catalan capital knows how to take advantage of the ideas behind recycling and reusing.

These are some of our favorite second hand markets, ones you should not miss on your next visit to Barcelona:

• Lost & Found

In the Estación de Francia, once a month. http://lostfoundmarket.com/market

This is the most hipster of the flea markets. Here, retro fans meet to find the next outfit, grandfather-style hat, or those glasses that are missing for their collection.

It has a philosophy of exchange and mutual enrichment for a more cohesive and sustainable society and is always accompanied by good music and a festive atmosphere.

• Flea Market

In the Plaza Blanquerna , every second Sunday of the month. http://www.fleamarketbcn.com/

Inspired by London’s Brick Lane, this is one of the oldest markets (since 2007) and is held outdoors, which sometimes prevents the market from taking place as scheduled. Its intention is to give a second life to objects, in this case, mainly clothing.

• Two Market

Various locations and times (weekends). http://www.twomarket.es/

This monthly market has been gaining a foothold in the world of reuse and has turned into a social event and served as an inspiration for similar initiatives. They have different formats (Two Market, OnGarage, Everything € 1), each with its own version of second-hand principles, and one must pay attention to their calendar.

• Rastro de la Virgen

Calle de la Virgen, first Saturday of the month. http://www.elarcodelavirgen.es/el-trail-of-the-virgen/

Used objects unite the works of alternative artists working with recycled materials. An initiative promoted by the association El Arco de la Virgen, the Raval neighborhood, which seeks cultural exchange and sustainable consumption.