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Holiday on Ice in Vienna

What to do during this holidays? After the Christmas and New Year, there are few interesting activities to do, sometimes, shopping with discounts, which are everywhere in January, it is not fun anymore. Christmas usually leave our wallets exhausted. The purchasing gifts, whether for Christmas or the three kings (Epiphany) celebrated on January 6 in countries like Spain, there is little incentive to keep spending money. However, if you´re a fan of ice-skating, Holiday on Ice is for you.

holiday on <b>ice</b> viena

Perhaps, beyond the end of year shopping, there is nothing better to travel a bit with the whole family. Organizing a family trip is usually, somewhat more difficult than when traveling alone or with a partner. Traveling alone gives you the opportunity to see places in more detail, take long walks and explore new places with greater freedom. Similarly, organizing travel itinerary, breaks and places, everything becomes much easier, especially in a city like Vienna, with such cultural events, museums, galleries and nightspots to explore. Traveling with your couple on the other hand, can also be a very pleasant experience. However, again there is the question of accommodating the interests of the other and know how to negotiate on sightseeing sites and museums. There are couples, which just love to travel anywhere and hang out together. However, other more modern can’t leave their intellectual tastes and interests at home … Negotiate! This is one of the prices of a sincere love …

If you like, is staying with family during the year-end trips and winter, your best option is the entertainment. If it comes to sharing with family there is nothing better than going out and eat all together, or seeing a show that is suitable “for all ages.” Holiday on Ice is a highly recommended option if this is the case. Undoubtedly, Holiday on Ice is the most recognized ice shows in the world. As an event that travels between cities in the world, goes through more than twenty countries, presenting their big show in over a hundred cities a year. The Holiday on Ice shows, are certainly memorable, combining professional ice skaters, who perform stunts and really radical movements in the ice rink. In addition, colorful choreography, aerial moves and spins, a great artistic and production deployment of Holiday on Ice make an unforgettable experience. Besides music and full of radiant energy, and a stunning costumes and special effects on stage, make Holiday on Ice the best for you and your family. For more information about Holiday on Ice, visit their official website by clicking here: http://www.holidayonice.com/


Get apartments in Vienna and enjoy Holiday on Ice, as well as a variety of shows and cultural events that the Austrian capital has to offer. Vienna, its tradition and history await for you with open arms.

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