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Which Type of Tourist are you?

The term “tourist” admittedly has somewhat of a negative connotation in my head, but when we boil it down to facts I take the freedom to quote my friend in need Wikipedia and its definition of the word “tourism” is: “traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes” – Not so negative after all…

There are different kinds of this specimen and depending on what type of tourist you are this can have an impact on your decisions of where to go on holiday, what type of accommodation you choose, the activities you go during your holiday, people you travel with and lastly how you eat and behave when you are in destination.


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We have picked out 3 types of tourists that are likely to choose an apartment as accommodation and why:

History Buff

This person loves to visit historical places and museums and will choose a travel destination with that in mind. In many cases the history buff is a passionate photographer who will bring adequate equipment on his/her trip. This person is always very appreciative of local insider tips and is eager to (try to) speak the local language. He/she will choose an apartment to be closer to the locals and get a feel for the local life.

Travelling Gourmand

This person is a true foodie with the curiosity to try new things. The first he/she will look for are the local markets and/or the best restaurants of the city. Most likely he/she won’t send a postcard, but will bring back local delicacies as a souvenir. In the apartment he/she will have a kitchen to try preparing the local recipes themselves.

Family Guy

The family guy is looking forward to a big holiday with the whole family all year. Usually, this person is well-organized and would like to ideally please everyone that will go on the trip. For one he/she will choose the apartment in order to have the whole family in one place and also because money-wise it will be the best option for a bigger group.

Miss Moci

On our website you will find holiday apartments in Berlin , Barcelona, New York, London and many other places. No matter what type of tourist you are, you will find a destination you will love.