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Holland Tour Guides Amsterdam

Although, in truth, Holland Tour Guides organizes guided tours around all the interesting and important places and cities in Holland, the organized tours around Amsterdam are very interesting, varied and they adapt to different tastes. There are always travellers who wish to go off by themselves but, sometimes, we like to make the most of our time and, then, guided tours are the best option.


Like flight tickets, apartments in Amsterdam or the museum tickets, you can book your tour tickets comfortably online from home. The ones that the Holland Tour Guides offer around the Dutch capital have suggestive names such as ´Beppe, bragging and motorcycles´ or ´Crazy Winter Dinner´. On the webpage that I put here for you, they give good account on the programmes of each of them, broken down and detailed with timetables, activities, prices (they also let you know in advance if there´s any extra cost) of what´s included in each, the route, the estimated time and the minimum number of people that are required for its hire. These tours are ideal to go with your family or with a group of friends, because the guide is an expert of getting to know the city.