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How to tastefully decorate your apartment

Earlier we had mentioned that cleaning is one of the most important factors that contributes in making a guest feel at home in your apartment. The same applies for the general appearance of your apartment.  A tasteful decor can help make your guest more comfortable and therefore make them feel at home.

Here is some advice to help you make your apartment more welcoming:

1. Keep things simple: Avoid overloading your apartment with too many items. Seeing too many things in one space can be visually overwhelming to the client. Compare these two apartments:

post decoracio_fotocaca    post decoracio_fotocuqui

The image above shows an overdecorated living room, with objects everywhere and even hanging from the ceiling. The minimalistic decor of the apartment below helps to make it look cleaner and more spacious. Though tastes may vary from one person to another, minimalism is generally what prevails and gives a greater impression of cleanliness.

Moreover, it is important to consider the quality and lighting of your pictures. The photo above is blurred and dark which decreases its rental prospects. For more tips on taking pictures, click on the following link.

2. Choose the right colours for the walls: 

  • Avoid painting a room with intensely bright colours. If you do choose to paint a room in a bright colour, only paint one wall in that colour and keep the other walls in a softer tone of that colour or other neutral colours. The rooms where you want to paint a wall of intense colour should be quite large and be illuminated with natural light.
  • Choose yellows, for rooms where you want more light. Greens and blues for a relaxing feel and reds and oranges for warmth. If you are looking for elegance (well combined with the furniture of the room), brown and black are ideal while white brings freshness and radiance.
  • Usually ceilings are painted white. But if your apartment ceilings are very high, choose a dark colour that combines well with the furniture and floor (to visually “lower it”).
  • If you have a corridor, paint the walls a light colour and keep it well lit.

3. Inject your personality in your apartment. It can be done with decorative elements of any kind: from paintings with similar themes in each room, original floors, furniture or objects. Your apartment can have a rustic, classic or modern feel… but with your personal touch.

Last but not least, we recommend you read this post about an apartment owner in Prague, who tells us about her preferences in decor.