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Tips for Making Your Apartment Look Awesome for Short-Term Renters

Competition in the rental world is tough so you want your apartment to stand out from the others on the block. Do you have a park view or a glimpse of the city lights? Maybe or maybe not, but you can still decorate to make your rental feel more comfortable and stylish for short-term renters. They may even recommend you afterward! Use some of these tips to wow them the moment the door swings open.


Accent with Strategic Rugs


Do you like this apartment? Find it here.

 You can’t possibly replace the carpet each time a short-term renter moves in or out. Whether the carpet is older or the hardwood just needs protection, add rugs to the floor throughout the apartment. Because most apartments are relatively small, you won’t need a lot of material. Use a mixture of styles to accent each room. Even keep a small rug supply at home to swap out when tenants move in or out. The apartment can look different each time the lease is up.


A New Coat of Paint Does the Trick


Do you like this apartment? Find it here

 Sure, you may not be Picasso, but a new paint job works wonders on an older apartment. Even if the couch is five years old, the paint makes it look newer than before. Try a solid color and add some abstract layers, just like in this image. Or try a sponge project on a solid color to add some personality to the space. You can’t possibly paint after each tenant, but shoot for a yearly paint party to keep the space fresh.


Nature Additions Make an Impact


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Be wary about adding those delicate orchids to the dining room table, but be generous with more sturdy plant choices. This jade plant in a gorgeous floor container is nearly impossible to abuse. It won’t tip over, takes little sun and barely requires water. The plant still adds some green to the space to make tenants feel calmer as they enter the door. Plants even filter the air to remove any unusual scents leftover from previous tenants.


Divide a Small Space with Flair


Do you like this apartment? Find it here.

So, your apartment is the size of a closet? There’s no worries here with some strategic divisions. Use curtain panels to divide off a bedroom and living space within a studio. This decorator had the right idea. They literally formed two different rooms, but with sunlight still filtering to the bedroom beyond. Short-term renters will giggle at the ingenuity while basking in the functionality of the space. The price and comfort should be worth the time living in the small space.


Add Folding Elements

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Do you like this apartment? Find it here.

For those really tight spaces, try folding beds and tables. This decorator hid an entire bed in the wall which appears like a gorgeous cabinet otherwise. Even a small shelf set hides behind the open bed, giving the tenants the perfect hiding space for personal items. Tables can also be housed this way, depending on the decor. The bed often takes a lot of space so you’ll want to consider this factor when creating a folding room.

Take a look at what makes you fall in love with a space and add those elements now. Short-term renters may be temporary residents, but they still appreciate classy details in the meantime. Dazzle them today to see more references come your way in the future.


For inspiration check out the photo section on Modernize.com. It should help you make your apartment even more awesome!