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International Film Festival in Rome

Rome has a lot of things to see, such as the Imperial ruins and its great Baroque monuments like the Trevi Fountain. You can add the Rome International Film Festival which has been taking place every year since 2007 as a clear choice for quality films without excluding any genre. The annual event takes place on the last week of October and the first one of November.


The Rome Film Festival is carried out on a stage which is so contemporary that it seems futuristic. During that week in autumn, the best of international indie films gathers together with a gobsmacking red carpet. Every year the foundation chooses a leitmotiv for the festival. And not only does this Italian festival live off films but, also, it will have exhibition, conferences and even they will sponsor studies on the best classic films.


The Rome International Film Festival has a special chapter dedicated to families, with animation films for all ages and it allows you to buy the tickets online beforehand. Remember that if you travel to assist to this film meeting, book some of the excellent apartments in Rome the best option when the leisure agenda gets too tight.