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European Film Festival in Seville

The European Film Festival in Seville is a famous event in which thousands of people, during a whole week, go and see the creations of some of the best European directors.


The even is specifically dedicated to European contemporary film and, for that reason, you can see not only the established directors but also those who have just begun and present creations that could mean a great future for them.


The aim of the festival is to promote film culture not only by presenting films but also by carrying out events in which you can talk with artists, directors, cameramen and writers.


At the end of the festival, a jury panel which belongs to all fields of culture around Europe will give the Golden and Silver awards (Giraldillos) to the best films which were shown during the festival.


Also, the public will also have the chance to prize the films which they consider the most interesting through the Public Awards which take place through a popular survey.


This event isn´t just made for film fans but also to promote the seventh art from Europe. Those who want to enjoy good films and press conferences with actors and directors can rent apartments in Seville and, also, get to know a beautiful city.