Iron Maiden and their Maiden England in New York

If you´re in the right place at the right time in 2012, you´ll surely be able to enjoy one of the most highly-awaited shows of the year. 


On the 2nd of July, the legendary British heavy metal band Iron Maiden will offer one of their international tour concerts in New York. There can´t be a better prospect for any fan of the band and, if you´re one of those who has never seen them live, you can´t miss out on this event. 

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The concert is part of the new tour of this legendary band formed in 1975 in Leyton, East London. Maiden England North American Tour 2012 arrives at its second phase to see some of the most important cities in the USA and Canada, so it´s not excessively international and some of us will have to cross the pond to go there. The 2nd of July concert will take place in Newark, NY, and the band will play their final gig on the 18th of August in Houston, TX, although supposedly there will be new dates for 2013.

Obviously, ´The Final Frontier´, the latest album of the band released in 2010, will have a special place in the concert playlists, but Iron Maiden will also play their classic songs and others that were lying in music oblivion. In fact, this new tour is a tribute or is based on the famous 1988 tour

7th Tour of a 7th Tour , to bring to the stage the first album of Iron Maiden that included keyboards, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Precisely, in the winter of ´89, still during the tour, the band carried out a series of concerts in the UK and that was when the famous Maiden England concert took place and was recorded at the NEC. The track list, therefore, will be very similar to that one of the legendary concert that we´ve all seen time and time again. 

Moonchild, Infinite Dreams, The Number of the Beast, Running Free or The Evil That Men Do are just some examples of the songs that will probably be played in Newark. Have we convinced you yet? 

Apart from Adrian Smith, substituted on guitar by Janick Gers since the tour that followed 7th Tour of a 7th Tour , all the band members will be the same ones as those in the 1988 tour.

However, this concert still offers us something more than travelling back in time to a golden era. There are also amazing collaborations, such as Alice Cooper, who will be the one starting off the concerts on the first part of the tour, in which the New York concert is included. The second part of the tour, after the 21st of July, will have Coheed and Cambria as the supporting act. When geniuses like this unite in one concert, the show becomes legendary. This adds value to the concert and means that a potential trip and the ticket prices all make sense.



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