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Jedi Mind Tricks in Madrid

When George Lucas invented the concept of Star Wars and all the ideology or philosophy around the Jedi world, perhaps didn’t imagine that his greatest creation; from a fusion of Buddhism, martial arts and Christian mercy, would become the emblematic name of one of the most suggesting bands, the international Hip Hop scene. The question is, how much did Jedi Mind Tricks pay to use the name? Undoubtedly, the Star Wars business continues to grow and has no borders. Its products reach all parts of the world in different languages; the toys are still sold in sets that are renewed almost every year, giving collectors something to spend almost every month.

jedi <b>mind</b> trick madrid

But what exactly is a “Jedi Mind Trick”? Let us define this before you talk about the band. A “Jedi Mind Trick” is the power that Jedi have to persuade others, particularly those with “not so privileged,” or “less developed” minds, to do what the Jedi order. With the simple pass of a hand against the face of the others, a Jedi can convince a person to forget his documents, stop drugs, change your life and thousand doors are opened. Of course, these tricks don’t work with those who have “privileged minds” or are from some other space race, other than human. It seems that the Jedi could be politicians being paid by the hardest right, and convince with their powers of “positive” changes that the world could lead to trying, but of course a conviction through forced hypnosis and conditioning. Would there be a political Jedi? Could it be the strength of the center of Neoliberalism? Those are mysteries that the same George Lucas should resolved.

Above “George”, Star Wars, and all that Jedi hoax that consume us, Jedi Mind Tricks is one of the most important Hip Hop bands today, and they know very well what they are doing. With hypnotic rhythms, light effects and synthesizers, creating atmospheres subtle and provocative, the Jedi Mind Tricks have much to say and do in the entire galaxy of international Hip Hop. The duo formed in Philadelphia in the nineties, continues having their front style, challenging the system through political lyrics, which have kept them afloat despite the controversy. Their most recent production is the album “Violence Begets Violence”; review the Internet controversy on the album, which sparked the illegal download the same day as the its release. A Jedi double moral? You can see Jedi Mind Tricks Live at Penelope hall in Madrid on the 5th of March. For more information, visit their website: http://www.jmthiphop.com/


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