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Jewish Museum in Prague

The Jewish Museum in Prague was founded in 1906 by the historians Dr Hugo Lieben and Dr. Augustin Steinf who, later on, became a leader in the Jewish community in the city.


The intention with which this place was created was to preserve a large quantity of artifacts from the synagogues that were demolished in the city during the urbanization of the old Jewish District at the beginning of the 20th century. For that reason, the variety of objects is truly large.


In 1942, the Nazi regime decided to close the museum but years later, under the communist government that was born in the Czech Republic after the Second World War, the museum finally opened its doors again.


Some years later, this museum, due to the important flooding that happened around Europe in 2002, it suffered great damages and it was closed for some time so that the necessary repairs could take place.


If you´re a history lover and you want to get to know in depth the artifacts of the different synagogues of the country, what you can do is rent apartments in Prague and, also, introduce yourself into Jewish history, as well as knowing one of the world´s most beautiful cities.