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Joe´s Pub New York

If the European traveller imagines a nightlife spot which recreates the authentic New York atmosphere, that place is definitely Joe´s Pub, a legendary place in the Big Apple. On the perfectly illuminated stage of this emblematic place, decorated in pure 1920s style with its leather armchairs, cast iron columns and café bar nightstands, every now and then some of the biggest stars can be seen where they perform unforgettable concerts: from Suzanne Vega to Ute Lemper, as well as the newest promising country, soul, blues or jazz artists (in other words, what everyone should listen to every day).


You go to Joe´s Pub to have an unforgettable and authentic experience which will make us reminisce about New York when we go back home. You can go to a concert while you´re having dinner or drinking some of its excellent cocktails. Also, the traveller can follow all the programme on its very own radio station or through its magazine. The promoters of this initiative, in case it wasn´t enough, are putting up an open air theatre stage. In short, Joe´s Pub is pure culture and not just any other place from New York´s busy and lively nightlife.


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