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Ambassador Theatre New York

The traveller who spends a few days in New York, can´t leave the city without going to one of the musicals on Broadway, who have been showing for decades with the same success and amount of public since the day of their premiere. The experience is, of course, unique. On 219 West with 49th, there´s the Ambassador Theatre in New York (not to be mixed with the same name ones in San Luís, London or Dublin, who belong to the same company). On this classic stage in this peculiar district of the Big Apple, they have been performing for many years the musical ´Chicago´. Of course, you can go to other shows which are on the programme, but we chose this one for being so well known and for having been used in films and series.


´Chicago´ is based on the story of assassins in the crazy 1920s, and the play has all the ingredients to be expected from a musical of this type. Remember that you can buy your tickets online (be careful and make this transaction on an official site to avoid disappointment) and book some of the excellent apartments in New York There are some with views of the famous bridge. The scene of the musical, remember, is called Ambassador Theatre.